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Universal SPA - Thermal Treatments

Thermal Treatments

First compulsory medical examination30,00 €
Mud bath with thermal shower or bath27,00 €
Mud bath for hands15,00 €
Thermal bath15,00 €
Additional charge for ozonized bath6,00 €
Osteopathy70,00 €
Aromatic ozonized thermal bath with cromotherapy26,00 €
Inhalation with thermal water9,00 €
Menthol Aerosol (medicines not included)9,00 €
Rehabilitative kinesitherapy in thermal water personal - 30 min.35,00 €
Therapeutic special massage - 28 min.30,00 €

The Thermal Treatments of Abano Terme

The mud of Abano Terme, which you cannot find anywhere else!

The thermal treatments with the mature mud of Abano Terme have some features scientifically recognized as unique in the world. These characteristics represent a valid and effective alternative to conventional anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers used to treat various diseases.

Clinical manifestations of arthritis characterized by pain, functional limitations, swollen and deformed joints.

Over the past 20 years, research promoted by the Thermal Center Pietro D’Abano in collaboration with the University of Padova and CNR have shown that the Euganean Thermal Clay Bio acts positively on the cell metabolism of the cartilage articulated relieving pain, limiting inflammation or stimulating bone metabolism in osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, widespread arthritis, discopathy and all other rheumatic diseases.

Stress, muscular strain and intoxication of the body.

Intervention for these problems is what drives generally young clientele to benefit from these treatments. In fact, with a short stay at least 2-3 therapeutic applications of clay DOC can have a significant influence on the typical symptoms of stress, with the beneficial effects of stimulation of circulation, muscle relaxation, and detoxification of the body by expelling toxins. In recent years, moreover, sport medicine has identified in the treatments of mud-balneotherapy and of hydrokinesis therapy a capacity to reduce by 50% the recovery times of the activities of daily life or sports.